About Us

The Upstate SC GM Truck club was founded in 2013 by several members of the 67-72chevytrucks.com message board.  Andy, Jesse, Paul, Kevin, Bryan, Dwayne and Matt would all try to get together for lunch every few weeks.  At one point these guys were talking about how to grow their group and Paul suggested putting an add on Craigslist.  The next day, Matt threw together an add, he added a few pictures from their last few get together’s, and they waited for responses.

8-17-13 get together 1

The first Lunch included Paul’s 1978 GMC, Matt’s 1972 C10, Andy’s 1971 C10, and Jesse’s Mustang (from right to left).

3 on the bank 3

The second Lunch included Paul’s GMC, Matt’s C10, and Bryan’s C10. Andy’s C10 was entered into the show.

The next event had more then 25 trucks, and nearly 50 people showed up, all interested in the group.  At that point, the core group knew that they were onto something.  Before long, a Facebook page was created, stickers were ordered, and T-shirts were printed.


The first “Official” get together was at Twin Peaks in Greenville in January of 2014.

Our group consists of enthusiasts from all walks of life.  Some members are high school students, some are retirees.  Some trucks are daily drivers, some are beaters, and some are show stopping works of art.  As our slogan goes, “Rust or Shine, They All Look Fine!”